Painted Tote Bag

Are you all ready to get started on this weekend craft?
I sure am!!! Go grab all those craft supplies from the list we
shared yesterday so we can get started
with Step One.

Create your own Art Supply Tote with Drawstring Closure

With the launch of Play.Create.Grow.’s “Kreative Kids” weekend craft,

there are a lot of projects and creating ahead.
Whether you are learning how to paint your own masterpiece,
crafting a Party Monster, or designing a chic Duck Tape Lunch Bag,
you will need a place to store all of your creative supplies.

This weekend craft will keep you organized and ready to create at a moment’s notice.
The best part is…They are so easy that you can create as many as you want.

You can create a tote for everyday use, or a special tote for those
days you need to be creative-on-the-go. You can even create some to give away as gifts.

Just be creative and use your imagination to make these art totes as fantastic as you are.
Here’s how to make your own Art Supply Tote:
Step One:
Cut your fabric to be 28 inches long and 14 inches wide. This size will give you a large bag. (Get an adult to help you with this part.)

Step Two:
Fold your fabric in half lengthwise with right sides together (inside out). Do not sew the top of the fabric together but leave it open for now. Also, we will be turning the bag right side out once the sewing is complete.

Step Three:
Fold the top edges down about 1/2 inch and either stitch or glue the edge down. Leave enough room to thread your twine through with a small safety pin attached on one end. Once all the twine is through, tie it off to create a drawstring handle.
Step Four:
Now comes the fun part! Turn your bag right side out. Fold two paper towels in half widthwise and place inside your bag. (The towels will prevent paint from leaking through to the other side so make sure the entire inside is covered.)


Step Five:
Choose stencils and paint colors. Stencil your images all over the bag. Go ahead, be free with your choices.
Add as many stencils as you want. Let the first side dry and then turn the bag over and do the other side.
Step Six:
Once your paint is dry, add any embellishments you want. You could doodle with a fabric pen, write your name, glue a piece of ribbon around the edge for a border, or add any other fun, fancy embellishments that you want. Beads, jewels…anything goes when you are creating.

As an embellishment on the girl version of my tote bag, I made a fabric flower from a small scrap of leftover fabric and backed it with a pretty purple ribbon bow just to make it extra girly.
Once your art supply tote is done, fill it up with all of your creative supplies; paints, paint brushes, journals, markers, crayons, beads, absolutely anything can be added to your supply stash.

Keep this supply tote handy so that when you are ready to create, all you have to do is grab it and start creating!”
Thanks for creating a creative weekend with “Kreative Kids”