Monster Banks

Guess what?! Monsters are taking over Play.Create.Grow’s blog this month! That’s right. This month is “Monster Mash!” Filled with fun, and spooktacular monster projects, crafts, and recipes that will be a monstrous good time! We hope you enjoy the first project brought to you by Doug Alves! 

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Monster banks 1


Recycled containers (Washed and dried)

Aleene’s Tacky ½” Adhesive dots

Sharpie Paint Markers

Pipe cleaners

Assorted Pom Poms in sizes and color

Colored card stock

Assorted size wiggle eyes



X-Acto knife

monster banks 2


Remove all labels from large plastic containers. Rinse and wash all containers and let them completely dry. Some containers may have hard sticky glue that is difficult to remove. I recommend using Goo Gone and an old rag for removing this glue.

Parents can help with the next step. Take Your X-Acto knife and make a slit to the back of the container so that money can be placed into the container.

Create your Monster banks by using a variety of craft supplies. Craft paper to make your monster eyes in a variety of shapes and colors. Use glue dots to attach your eyes to your plastic containers. Let your creativeness grow by using different size pom poms, buttons, pipe cleaners and feathers to design your Monster bank. If you’re attaching feathers or pipe cleaners to the lid of your Monster bank, ask an adult to help you drill a small hole to the lid. This will help for placing your pipe cleaners and feathers to your lid. For design work for your Monster Banks, use Black and Colorful Sharpie pens for all your detail work.